The center of the Milky Way will soon have no secrets

Black holes are mysterious objects, barely admitted by Einstein, they are today the gateways to a new physics.

The exploration missions of our solar system have been going well lately. With the implementation of the Artemis programs, as well as the various probes in the direction of the Trojan asteroids or the moons of Jupiter, there is no shortage of missions. But ESO’s VLT telescopes focus on a completely different point in the universe, much further away from us.

Indeed the center of our galaxy intrigues scientists more and more, especially since the latter are certain that it shelters a black hole. As they turned the Chilean telescopes in its direction, they realized that the stars did follow Albert Einstein’s laws of general relativity, which were written over a century ago.

The latter are “theories of gravitation” explains Subrahmanyan Chandrasekha, and for many years researchers in the scientific world have been trying to put her at fault in the search for new physics. This morning we told you about another group of researchers who had been interested in a couple of pulsars in order to prove the consistency of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

In search of the theory of everything

Because the idea behind these experiments is actually to defeat Einstein’s theory, in order to find a “theory of the whole”. The latter must answer the last great question of physics: how to bridge the gap between Einstein’s theories and the theories of quantum physics, which concern the world at the atomic and lower scale.

At such scales, the laws of gravity as Einstein submitted them do not exist and collapse on themselves. The theories of quantum physics then take over and explain the interactions between atoms as well as the principle of wave-particle duality. An idea inapplicable in the astronomical world of Einstein, but which takes on its full meaning in the world on a very small scale.

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