The Chinese rover Yutu-2 discovers small glass marbles on the far side of the Moon

The Chinese rover Yutu-2 has been traveling the dark side of the Moon for more than 3 years. Discreet but not inactive, the rover continues to explore a large area around its landing point. Recently, Yutu-2 even made a great discovery, two small translucent glass balls similar to pearls! Make no mistake: no wandering alien has lost his bag of marbles on the Moon, because small spheres of this kind had already been detected on the Moon.

The marbles discovered by Yutu-2 are, however, much larger than those previously found (which were less than 1 mm in diameter) and would rival in size the spheres discovered during the Apollo 16 mission with a supposed diameter between 15 and 25 mm in diameter (up to 40 mm for the spheres of the Apollo mission). Both marbles may have been formed from silicate, a material found in abundance on the Moon. Given the very old volcanic activity on the Moon (deduced from the presence of basalt), it is not forbidden to think that this material could have been subjected to very high temperatures to give glass.

Scientists from the Chinese space agency consider it likely that this type of glass ball is not a rarity on the Moon, but further analyzes will be needed to validate this hypothesis.

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