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the co-op is still lagging behind

The Halo Infinite devs have warned that co-op mode won’t arrive with Season 2 in May. Here’s why.

Like Activision Blizzard and its Call of Duty game before it, the 342 Industries studio, behind the latest Halo Infinite, is falling behind on the development of its title. Indeed, in a message posted on the official site, the studio announces to players that the co-op mode of the campaign will not be delivered on time, after having been postponed for the first time. As a reminder, the coop was scheduled for the month of May, at the same time as the start of season 2.

Still no release date

In the message, 342 Industries explains that the long-awaited mode will be deployed during the season, but does not give any specific date. It is therefore not known whether this prediction will be respected. The studio also explains the reasons that led him to make this choice. He simply explains that at the moment priority is given to fixing bugs and developing Season 2, which is not yet finished.

Here is the Halo Infinite team’s order of priorities: first, fix issues negatively impacting the player experience, second, complete Season 2 and deliver as promised on May 3, and finally continue work on the Co-Op campaign, Forge and Season 3.

We also have a “Zero Priority” that underpins everything we do, which is: team health, with a focus on setting a pace of sustainable development so that we can deliver to you great experiences while maintaining a good work-life balance. Priority zero means that sometimes we need to go slower so we can go faster later. »

Co-op, Forge and Season 3

For players ofHalo Infinite, so see you on May 3 for the international launch of multiplayer season 2, based on the “Lone Wolves” theme. You will therefore be able to enjoy new season rewards, new skins and new maps. It is only after this launch that 342 Industries will be able to fully focus on the co-op mode, but not only.

Indeed, the Forge mode is also affected. They will be developed at the same time as Season 3, so the latter may still be given priority when the time comes. As a reminder, the Forge mode allows you to create your own maps from existing models, to share them with other players and to play them in a completely personalized way.

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