The competition is very afraid of Apple’s new MacBook Air M2

The MacBook Air M2 should be available for pre-order this weekend. Good news for Apple but not its competition.

With a revised design and a more powerful chip, Apple hit hard when it released its new MacBook Air in early June. Available in a few days according to rumors for pre-order, the Apple laptop is not only happy. The competition is indeed looking at him with barely veiled concern.

In a recent article published on DigiTimes, several manufacturers expressed concern about the possible impact of MacBook Air M2 sales on their own product. Those who produce Windows laptops believe that the arrival of such a powerful new device from Apple could have a negative impact on their sales.

Apple Silicon chips changed everything

With high-end products running on Windows and with an Intel chip, these computers are the perfect target for Apple, which is positioned in the same price range (around 1500 euros) and which offers much better performance. With up to 18% faster CPU and up to 35% faster graphics performance than the M1 chip, the new MacBook Air is likely to simply destroy the competition.

The arrival of Apple Silicon chips has completely changed the game, and Apple seems to have extinguished the competition, relegated to a secondary role. With such performance, Apple brand computers have surpassed all machines on the market. When it was released at the end of 2020, the MacBook Air M1 was more powerful than an Intel 16-inch MacBook Pro sold for more than 3000 euros.

Intel is behind, knows it, and wants to catch up

Aware of their delay, Intel, which is the main supplier of computer chips, promoted its chips last year, notably by recruiting the actor of the legendary Apple advertisement “I am a Mac”, Justin Long . At the same time, Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel acknowledged that his brand had fallen behind with the arrival of the M1 chips and that everyone “was working very hard at Intel” to make up for this delay and “gain market share. market “.

If Intel’s efforts are not in vain, the results of the latter are still quite minimal, especially since Apple for its part continues to progress and is wisely preparing the arrival of the M2 Max, Pro and Ultra for the current year or the beginning of 2023. Intel will have to perform miracles by then, if the firm wants to catch up with Apple and establish its dominance in the computer chip market.

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