The composer of Xenogears and Chrono Cross will announce his next project in February

In a seemingly discreet speech, Yasunori Mitsuda, composer of cult games Xenogears and Chronocross, announced that he is expected to lift the veil on his next project next month. There are a few marbles to bet on the fact that this project hinges on one of the aforementioned franchises.

A few days ago, Yasunori Mitsuda celebrated his fiftieth birthday, which the few shots recently released by the composer only timidly attest. Many were those who sent him their best wishes for the future, and Yasunori Mitsuda for having, in return, thanked these good words.

If, on his Facebook account, the artist took the opportunity to communicate on the release, on January 26, of the soundtrack of Moon, Leica & Vampire Princesshe wanted to be more enigmatic on the social network Twitter thus evoking another project.

Chrono Cross Remaster or Xenogears Remake?

Yasunori Mitsuda therefore gave an appointment to his audience for next month:

“Thank you very much for your birthday messages. I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to everyone. These thanks will be returned to you through our work. (If you’re lucky) we’ll make a first announcement next month at the earliest, so look forward to it!!”

There is a lot of talk about a remastering of Chronocrosswhich was thus present last November in an Nvidia list which also included a remake ofActRaiser, since materialized. Later in the year, a collaboration between Squaresoft’s game and free-to-play Another Eden drew an even stronger announcement. Faced with this bundle of probabilities, the fact that an Irish song was recorded for the “remake” of a big name of the PlayStation tilts the scales more for a re-release of Xenogears.

We can thus remember that the arranged album “Creid” of this same title included interpretations in Irish. Without forgetting that Xenogearsby its 3D already dated at the time (1998), would probably benefit much more from a “remake” than Chronocross, for which a remaster would be more than enough. A translation into several languages, including French, would also not be too much to digest the complexity of the scenario. A wish that can also be applied to the copious fort Chronocross only for the very bushy Xenogears.

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