the creator already has ideas for the sequel

The creator of the series hopes to have the opportunity to produce a season 2 of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

Released a few days ago on Netflix, All of Us Are Dead is an international board. In line with Squid Game, the platform’s new South Korean series has established itself as the most popular non-English language production of the moment. According to figures shared by the Red N, more than 124 million hours have already been watched around the world. Results that allow it to slip into first place in Netflix’s weekly TOP 10, for its first week of broadcast.

As a reminder, All of Us Are Dead is inspired by a successful webtoon. It relates the adventures of a gang of teenagers struggling with a horde of zombies. These bloodthirsty creatures are their former classmates, who have been infected with a strange virus. In the halls of Hyosan High School, they will have to do everything to survive and reach the nearest military base to escape this disaster.

A season 2 in the drawers

Faced with this success, one can logically wonder if Netflix plans to broadcast a second season. For the moment, the platform has not formalized this return to our screens. Still, creator Lee Jae-kyoo couldn’t resist telling us more about what might be in store.

*** Spoiler warning ***

Our characters survived this invasion, at least most of them. They now live in confinement on the military base, waiting to finally be able to find their respective lives. However, if the contaminated have been eradicated, not all are dead. Humbies, like Nam-ra, survived and now live in hiding in the area off limits to Hyosan residents.

Elements that would make a great plot for this potential season, according to Lee Jae-kyoo. “If the first season featured the survival of mankind, the next might be about the survival of zombies. I hope to be able to present this new season to the viewers”.

He also explained that he had revised some of the Webtoon characters a little, to give his work an international dimension. “In trying to make our series enjoyable for a wide range of people, I definitely narrowed down some characters and made them less violent and deadly, including Gwi-nam and Na-yeon.”

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