The creator of Smash Bros. “working on something”

masahiro sakuraithe one-man band of the franchise Smash Bros., recently told the Japanese press that he was working on a new project. Reading his statement strongly suggests a work that is not going to belong to the video game domain.

It was predictable. Generally, people who are very busy for the majority of their lives do not remain inactive for long. Because their genetic code implies that each of their day is put to good use in the advancement of some achievement. Failing health may, however, force them to review this rhythm of life.

Particularly highlighted in recent years, and the growing popularity of the Smash Bros. franchise, Masahiro Sakurai is a creator who does not seem to count his hours. In recent years, he was regularly seen giving news of Super Smash Bros. Ultimatethe bloated version of the Wii U component and released in December 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

Masahiro Sakurai would work on a project not related to video games

While the Japanese magazine Famitsu awarded him the title of “most valuable creator” at the Famitsu Dengeki Awards, Masahiro Sakurai spoke about his future. But it may not be about a new video game.

“I’ve been away for a while now, but I’m working on something. My eyes may be a little tired. You may see me in the near future in a place that has nothing to do with game production. You may or may not see me. I hope to see you again in the future. Thank you very much for your time. »

That being said, it is not impossible that this new project keeps a link with Smash Bros., and GoNintendo to suppose that the creator has agreed to lend his voice for this mysterious adventure. Could we hear it in the Japanese version of the Mario movie, under construction at Illumination and still planned for this year according to the latest news? Knowing that Shigeru Miyamoto has a say in this feature film, we can imagine that the father of Mario and Donkey Kong has offered his colleague to participate in a more or less discreet way.

Source: GameXplain YouTube account

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