The cult game American McGee's Alice will soon be adapted for television

The cult game American McGee’s Alice will soon be adapted for television

Because video game adaptations are more fashionable than ever, and the myth ofAlice in Wonderland still seems to attract Hollywood pundits, now another cult title is about to end up in the cathode ray tube. American McGee’s Alicethe 2000 action game released on PC, will be adapted into a television series by Radar Picture and Abandon Entertainment, with none other than David Hayter (the voice of Solid Snake, yes yes) as showrunner of the project.

Alice in wonderland

Released in 2000, American McGee’s Alice is the first achievement of American McGee, an illustrious game designer who participated in the success of id Software during the crazy 90s on cult titles such as doom, Quake and their respective sequels. McGee then supervised the Rogue Entertainment team (responsible for porting Quake II for the Nintendo 64) for this action-adventure game tinged with platforming phases. American McGee’s Alice reinterprets the famous work Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll in a much, much more murky genre.

The protagonist Alice, orphaned after the fire of her family home five years before the events of the original book, finds herself interned in a psychiatric hospital for several years before ending up escaping into her imaginary world, a Wonderland very different from the usual. The game got a sequel, Alice: Madness Returnsin 2011 on consoles and PC.

This adaptation will be overseen by none other than screenwriter David Hayter. Famous among Japanese video game enthusiasts for lending his voice to the Snake character for three decades of Metal Gear Solid games, Hayter is also an accomplished screenwriter and author in Hollywood cinema. It is to him that we owe the first adaptation of the comics X-Men on the big screen in 2000, but also that (more unfortunate) of watch men in 2009. Hayter has continued to voice other video game characters through the years, most recently for the English language dub of Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

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