The Cybertruck can go on the water thanks to this adapted catamaran

If the Cybertruck will be able to move on difficult terrain, Tesla’s future pickup does not run on water. At least not yet, since an American inventor has imagined a catamaran adapted to the vehicle!

We are not ready to see the first Cybertrucks on the roads. First of all because Tesla’s pick-up is not intended for Europe, and also because the manufacturer keeps pushing back production, despite the high demand for the vehicle (this segment is very popular in the USA). We will now have to wait until next year for the first deliveries.

A self-assembly catamaran

Nothing, however, prevents us from dreaming about what it will be possible to accomplish with such a vehicle of extraordinary design. Anthony Diamond thus had the idea of ​​a catamaran, allowing the Cybertruck to sail on the water! The Cybercat transforms the pick-up into a ship, with an engine powered by the truck’s large battery and ensuring a top speed of 22 knots, or 44 km/h. The autonomy is 80 km at 25 km/h on average (195 km at 10 km/h on average). Be careful not to get stuck in the middle of the ocean, Superchargers are only available on land…

The builder announces that the installation of the catamaran on the Cybertruck is simple and quick, only one person is needed to carry out the transformation. In addition, all components of the kit can be stored in the trunk of the truck. Sensors and connectors ensure that the assembly has been carried out correctly. The price of the Cybercat is between 22,900 and 32,900 dollars depending on the options.

For those who want to go even further in delirium, the Cybercat Foiler adds hovercraft capabilities to the catamaran! This time, we will be able to navigate at a maximum speed of 35 knots (about 65 km/h), with a range ranging from 120 to 185 km depending on the speed. This option is a bit more expensive, up to $42,900. But what wouldn’t we do for his Cybertruck…

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