the digital nuggets of Heritage Days 2022

On the occasion of Heritage Days, which will take place on the weekend of September 17 and 18, 2022, cities are showing more and more originality in highlighting their heritage treasure.

We previewed the MEMENTO immersive survey in the village of Éguilles, a few kilometers from Aix-en-Provence.

Equipped with our phone, we start the visit with friends, accompanied by our local virtual guide, April Benayoum, Miss Provence and first runner-up of Miss France 2020.

After the discovery of unusual remains thanks to a very effective and fun game mechanic, a hacker hacks into our application and begs us to help him!

Here we are on the way to solving a very mysterious affair: a disappearance, a dull mechanical noise which does not cease to resonate with each of our communications, enigmas to be solved… We have to unravel the memories of the history of Éguilles to thwart the plans of the criminals and find the victim before it’s too late.

Memento Éguilles is more a game of heritage enhancement where one discovers with pleasure the little-known historical riches of a village than a game aimed at hardcore Where casual gamer. But it has the merit of immersing us in perfect immersion in a story thanks to dozens of videos and audio recordings.

For example, you will have to find the right frequency and clean up the noise of vintage radio programs to hear the life-saving messages of Radio London. You will also be able to see the result in video of the place where you will have sent the police to arrest the criminals. And many other rich and fun moments await you.

In short, we spent 90 very pleasant minutes between interesting information and giggles caused by the twists and turns of the story or our very poor sense of direction! Not only is this game completely free (because it is produced and financed by the town hall), but a large number of Éguillens and Éguillennes participated in it (the municipal police, the village elders, the various municipal services, etc.), coordinated by an elected official. , which gives this game a palpable authenticity.

MEMENTO Éguilles is a free game, available on iOS and Android from September 17.

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