the discreet and smart e-bike conversion kit

the discreet and smart e-bike conversion kit

There are countless conversion kits to transform a traditional bike into an electric bike. The DiskDrive nevertheless stands out thanks to its innovative design.

British start-up Skarper has developed an electric conversion kit for traditional bikes that is as smart as it is innovative. The DiskDrive is placed at the level of the rear wheel and unlike other kits with a more restrictive design (they require replacing the wheel at the front for example), this compact model contains everything necessary to drive the bike.

Available next year

The module is very easy to disassemble, only the central part of the DiskDrive (a rotor which functions both as a brake and as a driving cog) remains in place. An ideal design to transport it at home, with its weight of 3 kg, and to recharge it quietly. The kit includes a 250W motor, a battery with a capacity of 202 Wh and all the essential electronics.

The maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h, European regulations oblige. And the maximum range is 60 km, depending on the needs of the cyclist and the terrain. Everything is intended to be discreet and flexible, enough to attract cyclists who are not very keen on hacking and who also want to avoid having their conversion kit stolen.

It remains to be seen when the DiskDrive will be available. Skarper expects production to begin sometime next year. As for the price, it is around 1,000 pounds, just under 1,200 euros. The company is also working with bicycle manufacturers to integrate its solution into series, which could well meet with some success with those who do not necessarily have the means to afford a brand new electric bicycle.

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