the Disney + series offers a release date and a plot

Remake of the cult animated series from the 1990s, Xmen 97′ is expected from 2023 on Disney+.

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably spent a few mornings of your childhood in front of X-men the animated series. Broadcast from 1995 on France 2, the series stands out as a Proust madeleine for many thirtysomethings. If she is again available since last year on Disney+it will very soon be entitled to a modern remake, soberly baptized X-men 97′with reference to the year of its conclusion.

A launch date, and a first synopsis

We will have to wait a little longer before discovering the remake of the animated series on our screens. Asked by Justin Underwood’s YouTube channel, original screenwriters Eric and Julia Lewald confirmed their participation in X-men 97′, while providing some details on the series. Starting with its launch date, scheduled “sometime next year”or in 2023. Information since confirmed by Marvel.

On the scenario side, nostalgics should be served: not only X-men 97′ would resume the original series story arc, but in addition, most of the former dubbing actors of the VO have already responded, like Cal Dodd (Wolverine), George Buza (le Fauve) or Alison Sealy-Smith (Tornado). It remains to be seen whether the French cast will also be there. The first season will count 10 episodesand will benefit from the expertise of Larry Houston, prolific figure of the original series, who will officiate this time as a consultant.

Two years after the takeover of 20th Century Fox by Disney, it was time for the big-eared firm to finally decide to capitalize on the X-men franchise. For this first creation under the aegis of Disney, fans were probably expecting something else, but may not be disappointed.

In the meantime, the five seasons of the original series are still available on Disney+. As a reminder, the series depicts the daily life of mutants in the school founded by Charles Xavier. Helped by Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Gray and Tornado, the telepath must face many threats, both from the human world and from other enemy mutants.

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