The Easine by Ilife H75 cordless vacuum cleaner, good value for money

When you first read the name of the brand, ‘Ilife, you can read the combination of I and life, reflecting the announcement of a simplified life. Well found! Today we are going to test the H75 model, but the brand had already released the H55 and H70. The brand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers based in China, which has had its place in the smart cleaning industry for over ten years. It is nevertheless an entry-level brand, specializing in robot vacuum cleaners as well.

What’s in the box?

Let’s take a closer look at the beast. Let’s start with the packaging, it is very well protected, the orange colors of the packaging are reminiscent of another famous very powerful vacuum cleaner that I also usually use. To do this test, I must be objective and not want to compare them too much, their purchase prices being significantly different. The box is arranged on two separate floors.

At the top, the small material with the roller brush, cleaning brush, the two special suction nozzles, the filter and the wall bracket with screws for hard materials. On the floor below, are housed the larger parts, the alloy tube, the charging station, the dust compartment and the power adapter.

I also notice the presence of a small cleaning brush fitted on one of its ends with a cutting hook to dislodge the hair that would become tangled in the rotating brush. It is rather a good idea to have thought of this! Another positive point and this is the first time that I see this in a vacuum cleaner box, the brand offers a replacement filter. Appreciable when we have one which dries up to be able to use its vacuum cleaner anyway.

Start up

Recognize that it is extremely easy to assemble without the instructions, the different elements that make up the vacuum cleaner engage one by one without great difficulty. Its design is quite ergonomic, its handling is facilitated by a well-placed handle, but on the other hand, I do not notice any efforts in the design compared to what can be done currently by the competition in the market.

Nothing original, gray and orange tones, it is quite simple and I find it quite heavy to support in hand. Note that the very attractive price of the vacuum cleaner explains some shortcomings that we can find. We appreciate the removable battery with a capacity of 2500mAh that can be purchased from the manufacturer. The tube is adjustable, thus, it is appreciable to be able to adjust its height from 48 cm to 110 cm for a better positioning of his body during the suction.

After testing the vacuum cleaner on the highest speed, it lasted 30 minutes. This is correct, but it should vary depending on the surface to be vacuumed and the power level engaged. The manufacturer indicates that this can vary from 20 to 40 minutes.

How does it behave in use?

In terms of use, the device has four LEDs, all you have to do is activate the trigger to start the suction at the first power level then go up to increase. An indicator light indicates the device’s charge level, which is useful for knowing when to plug in your device so as not to find yourself without a battery. I was able to estimate the maximum charging time at around 4:50. The vacuum cleaner motor is quite noisy, and the maximum suction level goes up to 22KPa.

I do not know how to do a good analysis on this criterion, because the power of a vacuum cleaner depends on the needs that we have. Before choosing your product, it is essential to ask the right questions: is it to vacuum carpets, rugs, hard floors or even smooth floors such as tiles? Is this also for a house with pets at risk of losing their hair? Answer his questions before setting his sights on a particular cordless vacuum cleaner.

The broom is motorized, flexible and efficient enough to go under furniture, so do not hesitate to rotate the tube which itself will rotate the head to be able to fit into thinner places. A brush is installed above the galley and all you have to do is press an orange lever to change the rotating brush. The assembly and disassembly system is simple. I also tested the vacuum cleaner with the rotating brush on my sofa and the result was noisy but successful.

The vacuum head also has five LEDs which are useful when vacuuming poorly lit areas. The cyclonic effect of the dust in the tank is very homogeneous, because the tank is really very large, 1.3 liters. I had never seen a vacuum cleaner with such a large tank before. I also did the test with the mini brush to go between the baseboards, it sucks up dust relatively well thanks to the accessories provided in less accessible places.

When cleaning the dust block, I regret that it is not removable, we are forced to clean the entire block.

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