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The employees of an Apple subcontractor revolt and escape from their factory

China continues to apply a very strict anti-Covid policy, much to the chagrin of the people of Shanghai. Employees of an Apple subcontractor, Quanta, revolted by forcing a dam to escape from their confined factory.

The zero Covid policy continues in China and is not without impact on activity in the country. To avoid seeing too many factories shut down in Shanghai – which has been under strict confinement for several weeks – some companies have found a solution by asking their employees to stay at their place of work. Subcontractor of the giant Apple, Quanta has implemented these measures by offering a true “closed circuit” to prevent the spread of COVID. Based in China’s most populous city, its site called Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City is equivalent to 20 football fields and is home to factories, as well as housing for 40,000 employees. Some live at 12 per room and there is even a supermarket.

As the Reuters agency indicates, the place has everything the “ideal site” to apply China’s reinforced anti-Covid measures; while limiting the impact on the economy. The firm has also been cited as an example by Chinese state media, following its decision to restart its activity in a “closed circuit”. Since April 18, about 5% of its workforce, or 2,000 employees, have returned to work in the factories.

Scenes of chaos at the Quanta factory

But the situation escalated last weeke and employees have caused chaos to denounce these conditions. As can be seen in these videos posted on social media, hundreds of employees have decided to mass escape from their confined factory. For this, they did not hesitate to force the roadblocks and attack the security guards.

The protest took shape when officials prevented workers from returning to their dormitories after work. On condition of anonymity, testimonies indicate that the employees were frustrated with anti-Covid measures and even dreaded a new turn of the screw. A rumor even mentioned the presence of many positive cases in the factories. Despite strict anti-Covid measures, cases are reported daily, but the company did not wish to communicate on this subject.

The Taiwanese company Quanta provides nearly three-quarters of global MacBook production from Apple. It also manufactures circuit boards for Tesla. These two companies or Quanta did not wish to comment following the publication of these videos.

On the Cupertino side, this new affair will not not improve deadlines to get the latest brand machines. For the past few weeks, the deadlines have been getting longer to obtain a 14 or 16 inch MacBook Pro. Conversely, the entry-level 13-inch model remains relatively untouched by the situation. Note that the situation is less critical at some retailers who have larger stocks.

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