the episodes of season 5 will be shorter, so much the better!

As season 4 comes to an end with an epic finale of more than two hours, the creators of Stranger Things have returned to an interview on the controversial length of the episodes. The Duffer brothers notably revealed that the next season will return to more conventional episodes.

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Stranger Things season 4 is over. As fans are just recovering from the emotional last episode, season 5 is already talking about her. In particular, we learned, just this morning, that filming should begin at the end of 2023, which gives hope for a release by 2024. But the latter is still far from having revealed all its secrets. , and a question now burns everyone’s lips: the episodes will be as long as those of season 4?

We already know that Netflix will opt for the same method of distribution for this last season, but fans are still waiting to know if it will be necessary to set aside a whole week – we are hardly exaggerating – to be able to watch everything. Ultimately, it may well not . In any case, that’s what the Duffer brothers seem to think, who broached the subject in an interview during the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Stranger Things will say goodbye to two-hour episodes for its season 5

“The only reason we don’t think [la saison 5] will be that long is that, this season, if you watch it, there’s almost a two-hour build-up before our children are really drawn into the supernatural mystery”explains Matt Duffer. “For the first time, we are not concluding things at the end of the [saison] 4. So it’s going to move, I don’t know if it’s going to move at 100 km/h at the start of season 5, but it’s going to move pretty fast. »

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In fact, all the characters now being reunited at Hawkinsat the end of season 4, the next episodes will have to do without parallel plots as was the case this year. This news should delight many fans, who had been puzzled by the episodes which last more than two hours for some. Still, this last season will have to answer several questionsincluding – attention, spoilers – Max’s state of health, the true role of the Mind Flayer, or the origins of the Upside Down.

Source: Happy Sad Confused

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