The Evercade VS retro console is coming

The Evercade VS retro console is coming

Blaze continues its business of seducing nostalgic gamers by providing its home console, the Evercade VS, with a particularly interesting interface and functions. A quick overview before being able to buy the device in early December.

The Evercade VS announced in April is a retro living room console like no other. They work in fact with cartridges that contain collections of games, for which the manufacturer has obtained the licenses. So these are not ROMs stuck on the internet, but real official games, and many prestigious publishers have authorized Blaze to use their catalogs (Atari, Namco, DataEast, etc.).

Cartridges full of licensed games

The console can support two cartridges at a time, which increases the number of games ready to be played at the moment. The Evercade VS works with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz which allows it to produce 1080p images. Blaze has uploaded a video presentation of the interface, which displays the different covers and complete files of the games, with the handling of the controller for each of them.

The device, which allows up to four players to compete locally with as many wired controllers, also provides functions that will be appreciated by players. Display modes will allow you to play with CRT lines or in 16/9 (which will not necessarily be recommended for games originally designed for 4/3 televisions!).

Importantly, the save games feature features screenshots of the progress, as well as the ability to delete game saves. A quick backup option is also available.

The Evercade VS console will be available in France and in Europe between December 8 and 17, at a price of € 89.99 from usual distributors (Amazon, Fnac, etc.) with a cartridge. Packs with multiple cartridges will also be marketed, as will solo cartridges (€ 19.99) and additional controllers (€ 24.99). Be careful, if you are interested, you will not have to hang around, stocks will not be infinitely expandable.

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