the excellent Xiaomi tablet at a staggering price at Single Day (-40%)

Huge surprise for this Single Day. The Mi Pad 5, although it cannot be found everywhere, returns with a nice discount on AliExpress. This flash sale won’t last more than a few minutes, guaranteed. Take advantage of it quickly, the stock is limited and the price is unbeatable.

The Single Day is the big annual meeting of the giant Alibaba. In France, its AliExpress subsidiary is leading the way with an absolutely new festival of discounts. Even Black Friday doesn’t do so well. With $ 11 billion in revenue on its Prime Day, Amazon pales in comparison to the $ 74 billion generated by Alibaba on November 11 alone.

To come directly to the offer on the excellent Mi Pad 5 from Xiaomi, it sees its price drop very sharply. In its 256 GB version, it drops to 328 euros instead of 449 euros with the code 11AE45. The 128 GB version is out of stock since Thursday morning. Released last September, it’s the best price ever. The stock is ultra low, AliExpress has warned us:

I take advantage of the AliExpress offer

Xiaomi’s new Mi Pad 5 is a real answer to the American Apple’s iPad Pro. Clearly, if you are looking for the best value for money, you will have to quickly turn to this touchscreen tablet from the Asian giant. While the product has been unavailable for a few hours after launch (due to the global semiconductor shortage), this is certainly the last time you can buy it before Christmas.

In a few years, the Single Day has become a flagship operation in France. To establish itself as a benchmark, AliExpress has adopted all the codes that can already be found among local players. In this case, it guarantees you delivery within 3 working days, and of course free. You then have 30 days after receipt to return the product if necessary (and get a refund)

A premium tablet at a low price

While the iPad Pro starts at 899 euros, Xiaomi is paying the luxury of starting much lower with a great product. The first point visible on a touchscreen tablet like Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 is of course the screen. The manufacturer does not skimp on the means since it is an 11-inch WQHD + panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In other words, fluidity will be required, including with the Smart Pen that you can add if needed (perfect for designers).

Xiaomi has also worked a lot on the audio part with this touch pad. It is compatible with Dolby Atmos and also Dolby Vision. So you have an ultra immersive experience if you want to watch movies, series and other videos on it. Apple and Samsung had better watch out, especially at this price, Xiaomi calms everyone down.

Under the hood, the Mi Pad 5 is also very convincing. The manufacturer has integrated a high-end processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 860. The latter is one of the most powerful on the market and guarantees perfect responsiveness and fluidity. If you want to play power-hungry games (or if you are on very heavy apps like video editing), the Xiaomi tablet will always remain super fast.

I take advantage of the AliExpress offer

Very often, when we see a 120 Hz screen and such a powerful processor, we can worry about the autonomy of the product. And there, Xiaomi puts the icing on the cake with an 8,720 mAh battery. The Mi Pad 5 will hold without any problem for several days in standard use. And even if you put videos back to back, it will still last for over 16 hours straight. To recharge, a USB-C port allows you to take advantage of the 22.5W fast charge.

Clearly, on the aesthetic side, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 is reminiscent of the iPad Pro. It is one of the most beautiful products available on the market. For those who want to use the photo from their touch pad, Xiaomi has thought of everything. The selfie photo module is 8 MP while the sensor on the back is 13 MP. It will take photos or scan documents in seconds.

The Mi Pad 5, our favorite for 2021

Whether for professional or private use, the Mi Pad 5 is definitely a solution to consider. For less than 350 euros you have a great product that is true to Xiaomi’s craftsmanship. We were amazed during our test, where the product scored an excellent 9/10. The only problem is that the stock is very limited and you can’t find it anywhere.

No French e-merchant is able to have stock. Only AliExpress, thanks to its relationship with Xiaomi, is able to offer stock. If you want to get this nugget before the holiday season, you need to equip yourself now. In a few minutes, all stock is likely to be gone. AliExpress told us that the Xiaomi stock (on all products) is low and that it will not last the 48 hours of Single Day. It will last a few minutes at most.

Last September, when the Mi Pad 5 was opened for orders on AliExpress, it didn’t take an hour before Xiaomi’s touch pad sold out. We risk seeing exactly the same thing for the Single Day. Even though it is the biggest trade event in the world (almost 10 times the size of Black Friday), the stock will be very limited due to the semiconductor shortage. Xiaomi is one of the hardest hit by this problem.

To summarize, it will therefore be necessary to be very responsive on November 11 to take advantage of the Mi Pad 5 at such an advantageous price. Note that the associated code is also available in limited quantities. If you don’t buy it right away, you take a big risk on the price and the stock. Note that in the worst case, you will still have the option to return it within 20 days of delivery. AliExpress reimburses you quickly, it knows how to do it effectively.

To discover the Mi Pad 5 on AliExpress, it’s here:

I take advantage of the AliExpress offer

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