the famous Needler arrives in Nerf pistol!

Fan of Halo? You will be delighted to hear that Hasbro is releasing a Nerf gun edition of its iconic Needler

Those of you familiar with the Halo saga are bound to know the unmissable Needler; this weapon will soon enter the Hasbro catalog in the form of a limited edition Nerf pistol.

For those unfamiliar with the Halo universe, the Needler is a weapon used by the Covenant, the alien faction that has played a central role since the first game. It is a particularly enjoyable machine to use; once the trigger is pressed, he releases a volley of small self-guided projectiles which perforate their target and explode together inside the poor fellow. Enough to have fun like crazy in solo, and piss off a lot in multiplayer!

In terms of design, it must be recognized that Hasbro did an excellent job. The pistol is quite similar to the original, from the characteristic shape to the coating to the crystals protruding at the top. These also benefit from their own lighting, just like the front of the weapon. It will therefore be the most beautiful effect during a battle between friends or in one of your collectors’ windows.

Bursts and play of light

The Needler has a “exposure”Specially designed for those who would like to exhibit it. This activates the play of light permanently, and allows you to connect the Needler to the mains. Convenient to avoid having to change the six 1.5 V AA batteries regularly.

Obviously, one should not expect to find all the functionalities of the original weapon; the day a toy dealer is able to design self-guided ammunition, he will likely change industry. Instead, it will be necessary to be satisfied with good old foam darts that we are used to finding on these machines. But this Needler isn’t just any generic Nerf gun, and Hasbro still wanted to pay homage to the Halo series.

We thus find some details that allow it to stand out from the rest of the catalog. Like its Covenant counterpart, it will be able to empty its magazine in a single, short, but devastating burst. The only difference with the original: the charger will be limited to ten projectiles. A concession certainly related to the size, knowing that the original could accommodate 24. But the ammunition in question will have nothing to do with the blue and orange darts, now classic. They will be luminescent, to best imitate the neon pink projectiles of the original Needler.

From goodies for the future Halo Infinite

As you would expect, with less than two months of the release of Halo Infinite, this Needler is part of a larger promotional operation; the lucky buyers of this toy will also be entitled to a Halo Infinite gift card to unlock in-game content, once the title is available. However, the exact nature of this additional content remains unknown at this time.

For those who wish to afford this nugget, however, it will be necessary to make some concessions. Even if you have already decided to spend 85 €, we will have to juggle the import costs. Right now, it’s only available for pre-order on the English-language version of Amazon (see here) or on the Hasbro site (here). And unfortunately, the shipping cost is almost half the original price on Amazon. If the price doesn’t put you off, you might be able to take advantage of it to Christmas … next year, since it will not be released before December 1, 2022.

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