the famous NordVPN drops to less than 3 € per month

A crazy offer gives you access to NordVPN services at a knockdown price this Saturday. This promotion ends in the coming hours.

You will agree, the Internet has become an essential tool in our daily lives, whether for personal or professional purposes. What you may not know is that on the net there are many dangers (hackers, malware, spyware, etc.). So, to guard against all of this, consider getting a VPN.

This type of application protects your sensitive data and preserves your privacy on the web, in order to protect you against all the threats that hang over you while browsing. But with a VPN, you will also be able, for example, to bypass website blocks for total freedom on the net.

And in this area, NordVPN is optimal. At just € 2.80 per month, its offer is the most interesting of the moment.

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Who is NordVPN? What is it used for ?

Maybe you already know NordVPN. If not, let us present it to you quickly. NordVPN is software that was released in 2012 with the goal of protecting the privacy of Internet users, and the least we can say is that the goal has been achieved.

Indeed, in order to ensure your online security, NordVPN acts on several levels: it completely conceals your IP address and encrypts your browsing data (such as your passwords or your bank details).

These two processes will allow you to browse anonymously and make your web traffic unreadable to others. This is essential when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks which are not very secure, but it is also very useful at home to prevent your Internet Service Provider from knowing the sites you visit.

For users who would need more privacy, NordVPN includes an Onion Over VPN option. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to access the darknet while being covered by the VPN, which is a big advantage from a security point of view. If you’re interested, here are the best VPNs for the darknet.

In addition, be aware that NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers around the world, located in around sixty countries. By connecting to it from the NordVPN application (available on computer, tablet, smartphone, but also Smart TV or console) you will be able to modify your virtual location. You will therefore be able to access unlimited web content from around the world, including streaming platforms and TV channels.

VPN drops at an irresistible price

It’s a fact: NordVPN is great software. However, think again if you think it is bound to cost you dearly. Indeed, at the moment NordVPN displays a unique offer of -72% valid on the purchase of its 2-year plan.

Thus, you will be able to benefit from NordVPN’s services for 24 months for an advantageous rate of only € 67.15, which is equivalent to € 2.80 per month. Normally, you would have had to spend € 243 to take advantage of such a subscription period, so this offer saves you more than € 170.

The payment methods to pay for the subscription are varied: bank cards, PayPal, Google Pay, or crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple). But if this price is already very attractive, the supplier still has a major advantage in store for you: simultaneous connections. In this case, with a single account, you will be able to use NordVPN on six devices at the same time.

In addition, its promotional offer is subject to a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will therefore have the possibility to retract and be reimbursed if you do not wish to continue. So why hesitate? Start enjoying the benefits of NordVPN at a discounted price now.

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