The father of Super Smash Bros has a very mysterious new project

Masahiro Sakurai, spiritual father of the Super Smash Bros series, has announced that he has new projects… but nothing says that it will be a new Smash game, or even a video game at all .

Last fall, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate welcomed the illustrious Sora, figurehead of the game’s latest DLC. smelled good at the end of the cycle; many observers therefore began to watch the comings and goings of Masahiro Sakurai, spiritual father of the serieshoping to spot the harbingers of a new game. It seems the mastermind of Smash Bros has indeed a project on fire… but nothing says it will be a new Smash, or even a video game. And don’t count on him for more details.

The information fell on the occasion of the award ceremony of Famitsu, a very influential Japanese media on the video game scene. Sakurai was present as the winner of the title of Most Valuable Creatorwhich rewards visionaries for their global contribution to this art.

During the ceremony, a short sentence caught the ear of many observers. In the translation made by GameXplain, we learn that despite the fatigue, Sakurai is actually working on a new project.

It was enough to trigger a veritable torrent of speculation. Many observers immediately suggested that it could be a new version of the platform fighter iconic. If so, that would put an end to speculation that never ceases to torture fans of the franchise.

Indeed, Sakurai himself had hinted in the past that Ultimate could be the last episode of Nintendo’s colorful fight club. But he also made it clear that he couldn’t rule out the possibility of a sequel either. Difficult to make more vague…

A future far from video games?

And the artistic vagueness does not stop there, as evidenced by the rest of GameXplain’s translation. “I’ve been away for a while, but I’m working on something. In the near future, you might see me in a setting that has nothing to do with video game production. You might also not see me at all. For my part, I hope to see you again in the future. Thank you very much for giving me your time”, he concludes.

A truly non-response masterclass which has nothing to envy to the debates in the context of the presidential election. It will therefore still be necessary to wait some time to have even a vague idea of ​​Sakurai’s program.

But knowing the talent of the interested party, the mere fact of knowing that he is working on a new project arouses enthusiasm. After all, he’s a true game design wizard whose vision defined the genre. platform fighter as we know it today. We will therefore keep this information warm in the back of our minds, hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

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