resident evil serie netflix date de sortie

the first images are here!

Netflix has just shared the first images from the Resident Evil series. So success or turnip for the adaptation of the Capcom game?

Netflix is ​​expected at the turn. While the small and the big screen are taking a close interest in video game successes, the platform intends to make a remarkable foray into the genre of adaptation. It will pay homage to the most emblematic saga of horror games. A delicate project for the streaming giant, which must avoid the turnip at all costs.

A few months ago, the shipwreck Welcome to Racoon City landed in the cinema, the wound has not yet healed for fans of the license. Especially since video game adaptations, Netflix already has several to its credit, and not all of them have found favor with the eyes of the players.

Even in the world of resident Evil, his first attempt had not ended in a dazzling success. In July 2021, Infinite Darkness which explores the period between the fourth and the fifth opus had a lot of trouble convincing us. Hopefully this live-action series does better.

An air of paradise

This time, the red N exploits the lore of the franchise, but with new characters. In 2022, Albert Wesker’s two daughters land in New Racoon City where the sun shines and the birds sing. A little piece of paradise for this family, but their tranquility will quickly be disturbed when a virus appears.

The narration of this series created by Andrew Dabb will oscillate between two timelines. We will also immerse ourselves alongside Ella Balinka who will play one of the Wesker girls, in a post-apocalyptic London. A way for the screenwriters to offer a parallel between the origins of evil and its impact on humanity, at least what remains of it.

New team

Exit Milla Jovovich or Kaya Scodeleria, the series relies on a completely new cast to bring its new adventures to Racoon City. It is Lance Reddick who will camp Albert Weskers. His daughters will be played by Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart. No notorious celebrity in this series, the platform appeals to young shoots of the small screen.

An interesting review

For now, it is very difficult to judge the quality of this adaptation. We must nevertheless admit that the first images have something to intrigue us. Yes Welcome to Racoon City seemed to reconnect with the nanar roots of the saga, the Netflix series definitely takes itself much more seriously.

The trailer is quite promising, at least visually. Whether the storytelling will be up to the challenge remains to be seen. When you take on one of the gamer’s most beloved video game franchises, expect a severe backlash in the event of failure.

Turnip or successful adaptation? Appointment on next july 14 to cut off (heads).

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