The first iPhone with USB-C in history costs almost € 100,000

Apple doesn’t want to put USB-C on its iPhones, so Ken Pillonel decided to do it himself, resulting in an overpriced prototype.

The arrival of USB-C on the iPhone has been expected for years by thousands, if not millions of customers. While the Lightning port has been the adage of the Apple-branded phones for years, it’s hard to resist the change when you’re on your own like Apple is on this issue. Because yes, all the major brands of smartphones have taken the step, have left micro USB for USB-C. Even the Cupertino company crossed the Rubicon during the presentation of the MacBook Pro a few years ago.

Since then, USB-C has made its arrival on the iPad Pro, showing that the question was not technical, but a simple choice of the brand not to give this new connector port to Apple phones. And yet, Apple should do well. Indeed, institutional pressures, especially from the European Union, no longer leave much room for maneuver for Apple, which will have to adapt in the coming years.

A house prototype that throws the web

But while waiting for the Cupertino company to make the change itself, several small geniuses of the phones have decided to take the lead, and if Apple does not want to put USB-C on iPhones, so be it, they will take care of this task themselves. An in-house innovation that seems to find a very interested audience.

Ken Pillonel, the man behind the modifications to the iPhone X is also the one who has just put it up for auction on the eBay platform. As a collector’s item, this iPhone, which is just as functional as any Apple product, has fetched prices never before seen for a phone.

Indeed, the auctions have just exceeded 100,000 dollars. The modified iPhone X is, according to Pillonel and some videos he shared, fully functional. It can be used in everyday life like a regular phone, and recharging would be no problem.

But it has several limitations, issued by Pillonel about his prototype. Indeed it ensures that it should not be updated, restored or even erased the content inside. Actions that could render unusable the USB-C port so difficult to add to the iPhone X. For the moment the auctions continue, they should end next week.

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