the first opinions have fallen, the Star Wars series will revolutionize the saga

While the Andor series will be available next week on Disney+, the embargo has been lifted for journalists who can finally publish their impressions of the first four episodes. The least we can say is that everyone seems to agree that the latter will radically change the tone of Star Wars productions released to date.


From the start, Andor announced itself as a series apart among Star Wars productions. To begin with, unlike The Book of Bobba Fett or more recently Obi-Wan Kenobi, this one is interested in a character, if not minor, much more discreet in the universe of Georges Lucas, since he only appears in the Rogue One spin-off movie. But also, as the trailers seem to show, Cassian Andor doesn’t appear to be a cartoonish character from Star Wars mythology.

Understand by this that it will not be about the grandiloquent hero who goes to save the danger of the widow and the orphan at the risk of his life, but rather of a human among many others ready for anything to survive. “Cassian Andor is a very, very different Star Wars protagonist. Suspicious. A crook. A liar. And that makes the show even better.”, writes Alisha Grauso, journalist at Screenrant. And many share his opinion.

Andor will not be a Star Wars series like the others

Indeed, Disney having sent the first four episodes of the series to various media and the embargo now being lifted, journalists can finally give their first impressions. At first glance, everyone agrees that the series is very different from what the Star Wars universe has given us so far. In fact, it will be closer to the tone of Rogue One, which saw the character of Cassian Andor appear.

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“If you love Rogue One for all the reasons it wasn’t a typical Star Wars movie, then you’ll probably love Andor for the same reasons”, says Stephen Libbey. For his part, Josh Weiss qualifies “Most mature and nuanced Star Wars project to date: cleverly written, beautifully shot, and confidently acted”. One thing is certain: Andor will be a big (and obviously good) surprise.

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