the first reviews are out, it promises to be very heavy!

A few days before the release of Sonic 2, the first reviews are surfacing on Twitter. Overall it smells very good. Many journalists agree that the sequel is even better than the first installment, especially thanks to the addition of Knuckles and Tails to the cast. Something to look forward to on March 30.


Shortly before its release, the teams behind the Sonic movie had some turbulent weeks. Indeed, during the broadcast of the first trailer, the fans protested the design of the little blue hedgehog, thus forcing the studio to completely review the appearance of its main character. Eventually the film was a critical and commercial successand it looks like the directors have learned from their mistakes.

Indeed, the second opus, which will be released in cinemas on March 30 next, is obviously unanimous with the journalists who were able to see it in preview. On Twitter, many recognize the even crazier side of this new film, in particular thanks to the extraordinary performance of Jim Carrey. “Jim Carrey is great as Robotnik, but this time around some of the other characters get their time to shine too”writes one of them.

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Sonic 2 looks very promising for fans of the saga

Indeed, many also point out that adding Tails and Knuckles is a great idea from the studios. The film caused a stir when it unveiled its first trailer, precisely showing that Tails had joined the cast. The latter is indeed one of the favorite characters of fans of the universe. Knuckles, too, seems shine on screen. The epic confrontation teased in the last trailer could therefore keep all its promises.

What’s more, the film apparently appeals to fans of all age groups. A journalist thus confesses to having “seen children and adults collectively losing their minds” in front of the cinema screen, adding moreover that this second opus “makes the first look like childish delirium”. All of this makes your mouth waterand we can’t wait for March 30 to find out for ourselves what the film has in store for us.

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