Halo : une première bande-annonce pour la série

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Unveiled for the first time last December, the series Halo reveals itself a little more today in a first trailer ! Something to delight fans, especially since this little appetizer promises an action-packed story, just like in the famous video game franchise. To learn more about the Halo series, I invite you to continue reading.

Same universe, same characters

For those eagerly awaiting Halo, this first trailer for the series is clearly selling the dream. Impossible indeed not to notice that the images, the costumes and the universe of the show were particularly cared for: the weapons, the armours, the vehicles, but also the Covenant, everything is exactly like in the video game! A real treat for the eyes!

Especially since the emblematic characters of the franchise are also in the game: we thus find Doctor Halsey, but also the artificial intelligence Cortana… without forgetting Master Chief who is always so intimidating in his armor. Something to delight fans who were a little afraid that Paramount would revisit everything and that the series ultimately had nothing to do with the world of video games.

Release date finally revealed!

This first trailer of the Halo series offers much more than a small preview of the series! In addition to being tantalizing and explosive, the video also reveals the official release date on which the show will FINALLY be broadcast on Paramount+. Well, good news for fans since they won’t have to wait long to get their fill of the show: Halo episodes will indeed be available. from March 24, 2022.

It is not yet known where and how French fans will be able to watch the series, but the information on this subject should be soon. The Paramount+ video-on-demand service is due to land in France this year, but no date has been revealed. We watch the news!

Source : Paramount+

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