The Fisher-Price Wheeled Chatter Telephone is back in a connected version!

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone was the first phone for many adults! This toy on wheels with big eyes is making a comeback, and the maker is sure to be a hit this Christmas.

The Chatter Telephone will bring back many memories for adults in their forties! Many of them indeed spent countless hours playing with this phone on wheels, equipped with a dial with numbers and a pair of eyes that gave the toy all its personality.

As in the past, only better

Fisher-Price, riding the wave of nostalgia, felt the time had come to bring their Chatter Telephone back to the shelves! This “retro-modern” version fortunately retains the original design with its plump and sympathetic face, its bright colors, of course the dial and the wheels. But the manufacturer couldn’t ignore the progress.

This is why this new model is equipped with Bluetooth: it can therefore really make and answer calls from its smartphone, which can be heard on the handset! There is even a speaker. Too bad, on the other hand, that Fisher-Price did not go further: the dial does not allow you to dial a number, which would have been a real good idea.

The battery of this new Chatter Telephone has a battery life of ten hours, the battery is recharged via USB. The price is $ 60, unfortunately the manufacturer only markets it in the United States, but hopefully this connected toy will cross the Atlantic very quickly. Fisher-Price also restarted production of the original model for around ten dollars each.

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