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the flagship killer of sex toys

On the sidelines of high-end sex toys, the Satisfyer Pro 2 contactless stimulator stands out as one of the best in its category, for an unbeatable price.

Launched in 2016, the German brand Satisfyer is not new to the sextech market. It also managed the feat of imposing itself in the midst of increasingly fierce competition, which seems to have made ultra premium its main selling point. As a real flagship killer, the Pro 2 model quickly became one of the firm’s gondola heads, and for good reason: offered at less than €60, this contactless stimulator aims to play on the flowerbeds of the giant Womanizer. But can he really afford it?

Discover the Satisfyer Pro 2

Design: the essential is there

Offered in rose gold, blue and purple colors, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is in line with the brand, opting for a simple but effective design. Made of matte ABS plastic, the sex toy is topped with two buttons (power and -/+), and a silicone clitoral tip. Under the device, there are two magnetic bars for charging via the proprietary cable provided in the box.

On the design side, the rendering is far from being unpleasant to the eye, we are even surprised by the quality of the finishes. Certainly, we would have greatly preferred to ignore the rigid plastic, which without being unpleasant or of poor quality, does not shine by its elegance. However, and at less than 60€, we must admit that the essential is there. Especially since the brand has taken care to use biocompatible silicone for its two buttons, as well as its tip, the only part to come into contact with the clitoris. Remember that in addition to being much more pleasant to the touch, the material is also one of the only ones in its category to remain inert when placed on the mucous membranes. Concretely, this means that it does not release any toxic substance on contact with the body.

Sextech Satisfyer Womanizer
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Behind its miniature hair dryer look, the Satisfyer Pro 2 offers a robust but friendly design. Efforts are definitely focused on the encompassing head, and that’s ultimately the most important. We also appreciate the fact that in addition to being wide enough to suit most body types, it is also very comfortable with its wide rounded edges.

The flagship killer

On the sextech market, two clans often clash: on the one hand, that of the ultra high-end, who claim a premium experience for a very high price, such as Womanizer, LELO or Lora Di Carlo. On the other hand, manufacturers who rely on price rather than quality by offering sex toys that are not always successful in terms of technology, the environment and health. Despite European standards, which all sex toys sold in France are supposed to conform to, there is a huge legal vacuum on the materials authorized for their manufacture. The only regulation that applies to the market is very general, and does not prohibit certain toxic compounds such as phthalates and bisphenol A (to name but a few) which are nevertheless prohibited in food products and intended for childcare.

Fortunately, nuances are beginning to appear between luxury sex toys and their low-end versions. For several years now, Satisfyer has established itself in this sector. The brand has become a reference of weight, since it succeeds in reconcile sextech and walletwhile proving that an effective and durable sex toy does not need to exceed 70€.

Satisfyer Pro 2 charging view

Orgasm Technologies

Since the Womanizer revolution, contactless has gradually replaced the vibrator on the shelves of love-shops. Technology has inspired a whole generation of sex toys, but it no longer has a monopoly on orgasm. We have already seen it with LELO and its incredible Sila Cruise, it is also the case with the Pro 2 from Satisfyer, which despite its low price, shines with its efficiency.

With its Air-Pulse pressure waves, the Satisfyer Pro 2 will send pulsating waves of air to the 8000 nerve endings of the clitoris. Contactless technology no longer has much to prove: not only does it offer deeper orgasms, but in addition the “echo” stimulation of the internal bulbs of the clitoris also makes it much more receptive during a vaginal penetration. It also has the significant advantage of not causing any feeling of numbness during the refractory period. It is therefore no longer necessary to take a break between each orgasm.

Sold three times cheaper than its premium competitors, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is vibrant proof that price isn’t everything. Not only is the Air-Pulse technology very efficient, but it also stands out as a perfect ally to discover contactless stimulation. Equipped with 11 intensity levels, the Pro 2 starts on a very (too) low level, to end on a correct power. The most sensitive clitoris will appreciate, even if the device does not reach the maximum level of a Womanizer, and even less that of a Sona 2 from LELO. For those looking for stronger sensations, we advise you to opt for one of these two models. For others, don’t worry: the power of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is more than enough to chain orgasms in a few minutes.

Rather accustomed to premium models, we feared that the Satisfyer technology would suffer from the comparison with much higher-end competition. In reality, things are more nuanced. Each technology is different, and compared to Womanizer or LELO, the brand does not provide quite the same sensations. However, and even if the model is definitely not the most powerful on the marketit will rather be a matter of taste.

The only real difference between the Pro 2 and its high-end alter egos is the lack of features. Right here, no Autopilot, Smart Silence or Cruise Control. It’s simple, the sex toy even ignores non-linear modes. At less than €60, the manufacturer makes a logical but inevitably disappointing choice. On the other hand, we appreciate his low sound volume : even at maximum power, the hum of the device is almost imperceptible under the duvet. Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of its moderate power.

Ergonomics, can do better

Despite its successful design and its more than satisfactory performance, there is one subject on which the Satisfyer Pro 2 is sorely struggling to impose itself: its ergonomics. Much heavier than its competitors with its 180 grams (140g for the Womanizer Premium 2), the ABS plastic shell is definitely not the most comfortable to hold. The shape of its handle may well be sold as “ergonomic”, the shape of the sex toy makes it difficult to position it correctly. Used with several people or during a penetrating report, the thick head of the Pro 2 sometimes makes the device difficult to maneuver. Nothing really problematic on a daily basis, but it’s far from optimal. For use exclusively as a duo, we recommend the We-Vibe Melt instead.

Satisfyer Pro 2 view buttons

Another uncomfortable point of the machine, its control buttons. located on his back, they have the defect of not positioning themselves perfectly under the fingers, but also to be a little too resistant when pressed. Again, nothing insurmountable: once correctly positioned, we quickly forget its few technical problems.

If it focuses above all on the essentials, the Pro 2 nevertheless offers some practical details borrowed from the premium market. The IPX7 certified first, allows the sex toy to be used in the shower, but also to be much easier to clean. Its silicone mouthpiece is not only removable, but it can also be replaced with models of different sizes depending on its sensitivity. Unlike Womanizer, spare heads are not included, but can easily be purchased for €9 for 5, which ensures a long life for the device, which comes with a 15-year warranty.

The best value for money

Available in three colors (pink, blue and purple), the Satisfyer Pro 2 is available on the brand’s official website and at most third-party retailers at recommended price of €59.95. A price that is already very affordable for a sex toy of its caliber, especially since it regularly benefits from major promotions. For the same price, we advise you to opt for the new Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibrant, which offers an identical technical sheet, as well as 10 vibration modes.

Discover the Satisfyer Pro 2

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Satisfyer Pro 2


Satisfyer Pro 2

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