The Frikar “velomobile” soon to take on the cycle paths

The Frikar is a vehicle halfway between a bicycle and a car. Designed to facilitate the transition to soft mobility, the machine will begin production in the spring.

Is it a bike or a car? The Norwegian manufacturer Podbike has decided not to choose by launching the Frikar, an astonishing vehicle in which the driver, seated like in a car, must still pedal to move forward. And when the effort becomes painful, the electric assistance can lend a hand.

Between the bike and the car

The design of the Frikar makes it look like a very small car with its four wheels and its cockpit which fully protects the driver. However, this “velomobile” is considered a bicycle: therefore, it can be used on cycle paths. Anyone can sit at the controls of the device (provided they do not exceed 2 meters!), and a child seat can even find a place there.

There’s also some space to store groceries with 160 liters of storage. Podbike has paid particular attention to the aerodynamics of the vehicle (which has less air intake than a bicycle), road visibility and comfort. Origin of the Frikar obliges, it was also designed for northern climates, with complete protection against difficult weather. Heating and an air filtration system are also available as options. And it is possible to remove the roof when it is hot.

The battery ensures a range of between 50 and 80 km, while the motor offers a speed of up to 25 km/h (and up to 60 km/h downhill). The vehicle looks very interesting on paper, but it is not cheap: excluding taxes, it costs €6,249!

Production of the Frikar begins this spring. By placing a pre-order today, you will have to wait until next year to be delivered.

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