The future of video games is now, and this video proves it

Unity presents its new game engine in a short video that promises video games almost as realistic as reality itself.

The rapid technological progress that we have been witnessing for many years does not only benefit areas that can be called “useful” but also entertainment in all its forms. One of the main sectors concerned is that of the video game, which largely benefits from existing technologies and puts them to the benefit of ever more advanced photorealism.

A few months ago, Epic Games presented one of the first demos of its in-house engine, Unreal Engine 5. The results were already stunning. Then, it was used for the technical demo of Matrix: Awakens on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in which the real and digital version of actor Keanu Reeves rubbed shoulders. Today, it’s Unity’s turn to show us the possibilities offered by the latest version of its graphics engine.

Real or unreal?

In a short video called Enemies, we can see an environment created from scratch, in which there is a woman playing chess. A scene larger than life, which is however not real at all since it has been entirely digitally modeled. Under the video, the firm explains to us:

Enemies is the latest project from the award-winning Unity team. It showcases Unity’s capabilities to produce high-end visuals in 2022, including the latest enhancements to its High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP), the new high-end Adaptive Probe Volume lighting system, as well as a completely new solution for hair modeling strand by strand.

Unity Demo Videos allow advanced use of Unity’s real-time 3D platform through self-directed creative projects, led by Creative Director Veselin Efremov. »

A realism already accessible in 2022

What strikes us is how well Unity’s engine is able to render the details of a scene. Apart from some animations around the mouth, eyes and hair, you could almost believe that the video is in live action. Being able to do this in 2022 is not given to everyone, and portends a bright future for video games, which could fully exploit this power in the months to come.

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