the future queen of graphics cards is conspicuous by its absence

The future queen of the RTX kingdom is coming, it’s a fact, but Nvidia refuses to tell us when and how much it will cost.

On the occasion of CES 2022 held last January, Nvidia presented us with the new empress of graphics cards, the titanic RTX 3090 Ti. But since then, it’s been silent; the green team has promised us that more information will arrive in the near future, His Majesty remains locked away from view.

Speculation is therefore rife on the side of observers. Is it an engineering problem? Could the card not be stable enough yet? Would it have trouble achieving the advertised performance? It seems unlikely; it would be surprising if Nvidia launched production and thus communicated on the release of a product not yet ready.

Radio silence at Nvidia

Is it, on the contrary, a logistical problem linked to the shortage of semiconductors? It seems more likely, and the few clues we have do seem to point in that direction. Indeed, several American media recently announced that the green team had completely suspended production.

All hypotheses therefore remain possible. And it’s fair game since Nvidia simply refuses to comment on the situation. “We have no additional information to share regarding the RTX 3090 Ti.,” spokesperson Jen Andersson said in an interview with The Verge. “We will let you know when this is the case.”, he specifies.

A statement that will draw a sigh of exasperation to those who hoped to finally know the price and release date of this monster. As a reminder, the RTX 3090 Ti will be entitled to 24 GB of G6X memory at 21 Gbps, all with a dizzying bandwidth of 1008 GB/s. And it takes no less to feed 10752 CUDA cores, 84 RT cores and 336 Tensor Cores. This armada of transistors will allow the GPU to reach a computing power of 40 teraflops. This is 11% more than the RTX 3090 which today reigns supreme in this segment.

A long-awaited powerhouse

This technical sheet will certainly make it a weapon of mass destruction. Power consumption should match these performances. Indeed Nvidia announces a simply mind-blowing TDP of… 450 W. This means that once pushed to its limits, the RTX 3090 Ti would be capable on its own of pushing an entry-level power supply to its extreme limit. Knowing that its future owners have probably planned to complete the set with a CPU of the same caliber, there is no question of being choosy when choosing a power supply!

There is still the annoying question, namely that of the price. And in the current context where an RTX 3060 is trading around €600, we can say without too much risk that it will be necessary to pay the equivalent of several SMICs to hope to afford this RTX 3090 Ti. Some rumors even already announce that MSI would prepare an RTX 3090 Ti SuprimX for the trifle of $4500.

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