the future VR headset will be as powerful as a Mac

Apple is reportedly set to launch a virtual reality headset next year. And the power of the latter would be very promising regarding the possible uses.

For several months, the various rumors and reports surrounding the Apple brand have been talking about a virtual reality headset. Apple would be on the verge of marketing one while the Cupertino company sees its competitors GAFA, in particular Facebook launching both feet forward in the adventure of metavers.

But according to the latest report about this virtual reality headset that Apple is about to release, the famous analyst of the Apple brand, Ming Chi Kuo assures that the latter will be very powerful. Indeed, according to the always very well informed Kuo, the processor which will have a place of choice in the design of the headset will be very similar to the M1 chip already present in Macs designed with Apple Silicon and released in 2020 and 2021.

According to Kuo, this new power for the virtual reality headset should allow the latter to operate in total autonomy. It would indeed be possible to use it without it being wired or wirelessly connected to a Mac or an iPhone. For the moment, the informant specialized around the Apple has not given much more information, he who assures that this headset has the simple ambition of replacing the iPhone within 10 years.

A launch next year

For him, the headset will be launched at the end of 2022, during the last quarter and could therefore serve as One More Thing at Apple’s November conference which seems to have been dedicated to Macs and M1 chips for two years. already. The headset could indeed share this same chip and therefore have its place entirely in the conference.

Kuo also explains in his report that the headset should be used for augmented reality. An area that Apple already masters quite well and that the Cupertino company is trying to develop as much as possible in its iPhone. THE’insider also recalls that Apple is working on the development of a virtual reality within its helmets, the latter would be projected on Sony 4K Micro OLED screens for a most realistic simulation.

If the virtual reality headset project is still far from being known in its details, Apple seems closer than ever to the launch of this product. The latter in any case arouses great hopes among Apple lovers, the latter being awaiting a new product since the release of the Apple Watch it has now been a few years.

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