the game returns from the dead in a monumental escape

Amazon made the blunder of the century by revealing what could have been one of the biggest surprises of Gamescom 2022…

Zombies are tenacious, and Dead Island 2 is equally so. Announced at E3 2014, the game was long overdue and even left for dead for a long time. This sequel went through three different studios like a real video game Frankenstein monster that we tried to reconstruct piece by piece. The Yager Development studio was to deliver the game in 2015, which will finally be taken over by Sumo Digital in 2016. As a true king of silence, it took until 2019 to learn that the project was not abandoned but taken over by the Dambuster Studios teams. .

With each new conference, fans wait for news and hope for a new trailer. Almost raised to the rank of meme, the first trailer of the game was taken over by Goat Simulator during the Summer Game Fest. It’s been four years now since the title has been heard from, and Amazon just spoiled the huge surprise of its comeback. First images, jacket, synopsis and even release date, everything ended up on a product page put online way too early.

Extract from the famous product sheet before its deletion by the e-commerce giant.

Under the zombies, the beach!

The heavenly and horrifying atmosphere of Dead Island would be about to make a comeback February 3, 2023. So there would be another six months to wait, nothing compared to the eight long years that had already passed. In addition to this release date, the description of the Amazon file gives some additional details as to the structure of the game. It will take place in a Los Angeles ravaged by a zombie epidemic, as originally planned, but the title will still offer some major surprises.

In this new episode, no less than six different characters will be playableand the title counts accentuate its RPG aspect. The undead will be fearsome in Dead Island 2, with no less than 10 different species, each as dangerous as the next. Thus, to adapt to the constant risk, players will be able to change their skill tree at will to leave room for imagination and the creation of effective builds.

Three screenshots allow you to discover the evolution of the title, necessarily much prettier than in 2014 when short extracts of gameplay were revealed at Gamescom. Speaking of Gamescom, it may well be that the first official news will be revealed there.. Amazon may have spoiled the surprise, but we can at least rejoice that the project will finally see the light of day. To be continued next week…

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