The government is working on its €100 per month electric car project

An electric car at €100 per month was Emmanuel Macron’s promise. And now that the president-candidate has been re-elected, it is up to the government to implement the measure announced during the campaign.

Driving electric is one of the solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is essential for combating climate regulations. The only problem is that these vehicles are expensive, including the most affordable ones, which do not necessarily meet the needs of the most modest households.

Vehicles too expensive for low incomes

Of course there are bonuses and subsidies to lower prices. Currently, it is thus possible to subtract 6,000 euros on a vehicle invoiced for 47,000 euros or less. But it is still insufficient and inaccessible for many French people: for them, having an electric car is still and always a dream.

This is why Emmanuel Macron promised during the election campaign to set up a leasing offer at €100 per month, subject to means testing. ” We are working on it and we are currently trying to define the date of its implementation. “Said Gabriel Attal, the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts. The government is therefore on the spot, even if for the moment the details are still extremely light.

What will be the terms of the government’s offer? What will be the choice of cars? Will it be necessary to pay a contribution beforehand, and what will be the duration of the commitment? We can take the example of the Spring: Dacia offers a long-term rental offer at €119 per month for 37 months, but with a personalized contribution of €7,900. To reach an amount of 100 € per month, you have to pay a contribution of 9,200 euros and commit to 61 months…

In short, the executive will have to sign contracts with car manufacturers and put money on the table to build a worthwhile offer!

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