The hardest game in the world isn’t what you think it is

No, Dark Souls is not the toughest game in history. It is even likely that young players do not even know him.

We were all marked by a game so hard to complete that we gave up along the way. Either by their length, or by their intense fights, or their unbeatable bosses, some video games have turned out to be a real plague for most gamers, who quickly let go. An online site has looked at the toughest games in history, and you will surely be surprised by the results.

It is the site which got down to the task and determined which were the hardest games thanks to several key criteria: the favorable and unfavorable votes on the difficulty on Ranker, the final score and the score on the difficulty on Ranker. With these criteria, the site came to the conclusion that a game particularly stood out from the crowd.

Surprise! Souls is not in first position

The toughest game in the world is Ghost N ‘Goblins, an adventure game released in the 1980s. In this title, you play as a knight who will do anything and fight everything to save his damsel in distress. If it was his difficulty that made him very famous, we were far from suspecting that it was so complicated to overcome.

In second position is the first opus of Dark Souls, also well known for its difficulty. Its next-gen remaster has also placed in our top 5 games on PS5. In fourth position we find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which will soon be entitled to a new opus. Finally in sixth position, we find Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, released in 2019, and therefore one of the toughest modern games.

Less and less difficult games?

Obviously, at first glance at this ranking, you will regret the absence of many particularly hard modern games, including the very special Returnal released at the beginning of the year on PS5 for example. This is because the audiences for these games are relatively nested unlike the games released 10 or 20 years ago, especially when it comes to manufacturer exclusives.

In addition, the difficulty of a game sometimes wants to be a criterion that the studios want to avoid highlighting, in particular by offering several modes. This allows the game to be accessible to the greatest number, sometimes to the detriment of the intensity of the gameplay. Few studios still today choose to offer a high difficulty by default, which necessarily reduces their chances of being in this ranking.

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