the HBO series will not air in 2022

The video game The Last of Us is going to be adapted into a series on HBO. While we were expecting the broadcast of the first episode in the course of the year 2022, The Hollywood Reporter showers our hopes by indicating that it is still filming and that it will not arrive on the screens before 2023 minimum.


The series adapted from the video game The Last of Us will still be desired. Indeed, it will not hit the airwaves this year. It is Casey Bloys, the director of the programs of HBO, which confirms it in the columns of The Hollywood Reporter.

The filming of The Last of Us began in the summer of 2021. If we follow the usual rhythm of the series, the broadcast should therefore be set for 2022. But that was without counting on the care of HBO who wants to take his time:

“The Last of Us is still filming in Canada. We haven’t announced a broadcast date yet, but it won’t be in 2022. The teams are still filming in Calgary. »

The Last of Us will not air this year

As a reminder, the series The Last of Us will adapt the first game released on PS3 in 2013. Pedro Pascal will play Joel, the hero, and will be accompanied by Bella Ramsey, who will play the young Ellie. Neil Druckmann, the director of the games, promised us a series very faithful to the original work, even if some scriptwriting adjustments will still be made.

In any case, it’s not surprising to see HBO taking its time with this series. The string is indeed accustomed to long productions, we saw it with projects like Westworld or even the last seasons of Game of Thrones, which had longer gestations than other similar productions.

Casey Bloys also gives other info on the future series of his channel. It thus indicates that House of Dragons, the spin-off of Game of Thrones, has finally finished filming. Other interesting information is revealed during this interview, such as the fact that a sequel to the Watchmen series was not on the agenda and that the True Detective saga could return at some point.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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