the HBO series will take place 10 years earlier than the game

The series dedicated to The Last of Us is in production. According to a series of leaks, the timeline of the game would not be respected. The infectious fungus epidemic, which transforms part of humanity, will take place in 2003 rather than in 2013.

The production of The Last of Us, the HBO series inspired by the cult game, is underway. According to the bits of information already available, the first episode of the series has already been made. The following episodes are currently in progress under the aegis of director Kantemir Balagov.

To reassure fans of the license, HBO has secured the assistance of Neil Druckmann, creator and executive producer of the game. The designer is committed to ensuring that the series is faithful to the essence of main characters, including the essential Joel and Ellie. However, the show should move away a lot from the eponymous video game.

HBO’s The Last Us Series Changes The Game’s Timeline

According to information from NaughtyDogInfo, a specialized source, the series would not respect game timeline. In the video game released on PS4, the Cordyceps epidemic, which reduces humanity to the state of zombies, takes place in 2013. The events of the game, the meeting between Joel and Ellie and their journey, then take place in 2033, 20 years after the pandemic.

For its part, the series will begin in 2003. Cerebral Infection by Cordyceps, this dangerous fungus which gnaws the brain of humans in the event of infection, will take place in 2003, 10 years earlier than in the video game. From filming pictures relayed by NaughtyDogInfo on Twitter clearly show that the epidemic will break out in 2003. A poster announcing a conference in 2003 is indeed visible in the image.

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De facto, the events of the series, still planned 20 years after the infection, will take place in 2023. It is still unknown why this minor change was made to the script. The latest news is that episodes of the first season of The Last of Us will air sometime in 2022 on HBO and HBO Max. For now, the platform is only available in the United States and a handful of European countries, excluding France.

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