the “I don’t like” button is back thanks to this extension

YouTube was not unanimous in removing the negative inch counter. Also, several developers wanted to put it back in place, and one of them has just uploaded an application that again displays the “I don’t like” button. However, this will only work until December 13th.

Last week, YouTube finally put its plan into action: the negative inch counter disappeared from the platform. On the one hand, the will is commendable. Just like Instagram before it, the platform wants keep creators away from the search for like at all costs, while limiting the spilling of hate on some videos. But on the other hand, it prevents users from expressing themselves and removes an effective method for spotting spam, scams, or just low quality videos.

Faced with the growing discontent of the community, some developers are coming to the rescue. One of them, calling himself u / Asleep_Ad4989 on Reddit, thus created a Chrome extension reviving the dislike button from its ashes. It uses Google API to display the counter and thereby creates the illusion perfectly. But this method has a major flaw. Indeed, the Mountain View firm has indicated that the property used for vote compatibility will be entirely deleted. on December 13th.

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A temporary solution allows to display the button “I do not like” on YouTube

Therefore, the extension will stop working on this date. However, all is not lost. The developer has stated that he will attempt “To recover as much data as possible by then”, in the hope of recreating an extension capable of doing without the API.

Also, dislikes added by users of the extension do not necessarily represent all viewers of the video. u / Asleep_Ad4989 explains working on the problem right now, by comparing the extension results with the actual negative vote cache.

It is therefore difficult to say if YouTube as we have known it until today will make a comeback. Google seems determined to permanently remove this troublesome counter, and the rebel community will have to work hard to thwart its plans.

Source: Reddit

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