Black Widow

the illegal download would have lost 530 million euros to Disney

The Black Widow hack caused colossal damage to Disney’s cash flow. We thus estimate at 600 million dollars, or 530 million euros, the weight of illegal downloading, which exploded from the release of the film. Especially since the latter did not function as well in the cinema as most of his acolytes.

Black widow

It was to be expected, but the figure remains impressive. Upon its release, Black Widow remained at the head of the most pirated films for several days. Today, it is estimated at 20 millions the total number of illegal downloads. Thus, Disney would have lost 600 million dollars, that is to say 530 million euros, because of this practice. A colossal sum which does nothing to help the studio’s business. Indeed, the film generated “only” 379 million dollars (335 million euros) at the box office, where other Marvel often exceed the billion.

The icing on the cake, the lawsuit filed by Scarlett Johansson, accusing Disney of having released the film on its streaming platform, further nibbles the profits of the firm. This dispute, finally settled in early October 2021, probably cost the latter a certain amount of money, although we do not officially know the exact amount of the agreement between the two parties. Without being a commercial failure, Black Widow therefore turned out to be a very unprofitable investment for Disney.

Black Widow is a long way from financial success

According to Deadline, at the origin of this estimate, the explosion of piracy is to be blamed on the Disney Premier Access offer. In the United States, it was necessary pay 30 dollars to be able to watch Black Widow from home, a sum which is also added to the standard Disney + subscription. If the company has tried to justify itself by highlighting the other films available (going so far as to argue that families would pay more going to the movies), it goes without saying that this risky strategy has certainly pushed more than one to download sites.

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And it doesn’t stop there. One might think that Disney finds its way easily with users who have indeed paid to see the film. However, it should be taken into account that of the 30 dollars pocketed by the firm, a part goes to the partners of the platform, such as Google Play and Amazon Fire Stick, up to 15%. If we add to this the total cost of production, we can say that Black Widow will not be remembered thanks to these generated profits.

Source: Deadline

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