The iPad mini 7 could integrate a ProMotion screen at 120 Hz

The iPad mini 7 could integrate a ProMotion screen at 120 Hz

The iPad mini 6 was Apple’s surprise this year! The small tablet has indeed benefited from a big facelift, transforming it into a kind of iPad Air or iPad Pro in miniature. The manufacturer could still improve the device in the future.

Apple is clearly betting on 120 Hz screens. Until this year, only the iPad Pro benefited from a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120 frames per second. But in 2021, the manufacturer equipped its new ranges of iPhone 13 Pro and MacBook Pro with ProMotion technology. Another product could benefit: the iPad mini!

Apple wants to strengthen its small tablet

The small tablet was completely revised and improved at the start of the school year, with a design that resumes that of the latest iPhone or Pad Pro, an A15 chip, an ignition button with Touch ID and a larger 8.3-inch screen … everything fits in a frame of a similar size to the previous models. A very good product that could still improve.

According to a rumor from South Korea, Samsung has delivered to Apple 8.3-inch screen samples at 120 Hz. In other words, ProMotion screens that the manufacturer is testing for a future iPad mini. The first model could carry 128 GB of storage, double today, and equipped with 4 GB of RAM. The chip would remain an A15 clocked at 3.23 GHz.

Between the ProMotion screen and a more generous endowment in storage, we must expect a higher price: this should be the case, according to this leak. The iPad mini 6 starts at € 559. Will we go beyond 600 €? It is starting to get expensive for a “small” tablet… A future iPad mini as well equipped could in any case strengthen the device’s place at the top of the range, while the Android market for small tablets is still squatted by products. Amazon Fire.

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