The iPhone 14 Pro would be entitled to an even larger battery than expected

The next iPhone 14 Pro could have monstrous battery life thanks to a bigger battery and an ultra-efficient screen.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have not yet been released, but journalists and other analysts around the Apple brand are already giving a very detailed view of them. According to them, the next high-end phone from the Cupertino company should be entitled to many changes.

The one that makes the most talk is obviously the notch. She, who has hosted FaceID since 2017, could quite simply disappear in favor of a “pill”, a more discreet system whose final outlines are still rather vague. But other changes will also take place inside the phone.

An “always-on” display that changes everything

The iPhone 14 Pro, as well as its Max version, should have the right to a larger battery according to the latest information from Mark Gurman, journalist for Bloomberg. As he explains in the latest edition of his “Power On” newsletter, the iPhone 14 Pro will be entitled to a brand new “always-on” feature.

Already appeared on the Apple Watch for a few years, this option would keep the screen of your iPhone always on. Although this seems like a very bad thing for the autonomy of the device, keeping the screen on with a very low brightness and refresh rate saves energy.

In effect, the device is “sleeping” and it does not have to turn on and off every 30 seconds as it currently does. But the arrival of this new technology could allow Apple to save space in the phone. Indeed, the iPhone 14 Pro (and 14 Pro Max) will have the right to a slightly larger battery, assures Gurman, thanks precisely to the arrival of “always on”.

An iPhone 14 Pro Max with 50 hours of battery life?

With a brand new OLED screen, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be able to see the refresh rate dropped to 1 Hz. Today the iPhone 13, Apple’s first devices with a variable refresh rate, only go down at 10 Hz. This new OLED should therefore make it possible to conserve battery, something always very appreciated by users.

On the other hand, the arrival of an even larger battery could make the iPhone 14 Pro (but especially the 14 Pro Max) a real war machine. In its XXL version the Apple phone was already approaching two days without going through the charging box. If all these improvements around autonomy were to be confirmed, the milestone of 48 hours should easily be crossed.

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