The iPhone dominates Android in the United States

In a world largely dominated by Android smartphones, there is a (large) village that still resists: the United States! The iPhone is now more used there than Android.

In the United States, the use of iPhone compared to Android smartphones exceeded 50% in the second quarter, according to Counterpoint Research. In other words, the market share of the iPhone is greater than that of Google’s operating system. Unheard of since 2007 and the launch of Apple’s smartphone.

Behind the iPhone, a host of Android smartphones

The American market for Android devices is much more fractured than for the iPhone: there are indeed more than 150 Android smartphones trying to find a place in the US sun. Samsung and Lenovo are the two most important brands. For Apple, this is a significant milestone that could be replicated in other countries around the world “, explains Counterpoint.

Apple still has a lot of work to do to achieve this, however. Worldwide, according to the latest Statista data, 71% of smartphones on the planet run Android, compared to 28% for iOS, the iPhone operating system. Nevertheless, it is true that some countries are more “taken” than others. Thus, in Canada, the market share of iOS is simply approaching 60%. In the UK, Apple is close to 49%.

On the other hand, in Europe as a whole, Android still largely dominates with 67% of the market, against 32% for iOS. The launch of the iPhone 14 is also likely to be more difficult there due to the probable increase in prices for the range, the euro having fallen against the dollar (not to mention inflation).

Despite everything, Apple has time to impose the iPhone everywhere in the world. The strategy has worked well in the United States, where usage has been slowly growing year over year.

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