The John Wick series will land sooner than expected

Peacock will air The Continental series, to mark the release of John Wick: Chapter Four.

The John Wick saga is far from having said its last word. If the pandemic has largely delayed the production of the fourth installment, things are finally moving forward behind the scenes. John Wick: Chapter Four is due out next March on our screens and it is not the only project currently in development at Universal.

While a fifth part is also on the program, the studios are exploring new horizons. The franchise will soon invade the small screen with a spin-off series. baptized The Continentalit will plunge us several years before the adventures of the character played by Keanu Reeves.

In the 1970s, Winston and Charon become partners to take over a luxury hotel which is also the haunt of all the contract killers in the world. Between two renovations, the two friends will have to face dangerous criminals. According to writers and creators Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward, the series will explore the universe of John Wick “through the eyes of a young hotel manager. He will have to face a past he thought he had left behind. In an attempt to take control of the iconic hotel (…) Winston charts a deadly course through the mysterious underworld of New York.”

To camp the young Winston Scott, Universal has recruited Colin Woodell. The actor recently starred in I Love America, the film by Liza Azuelos produced by Amazon. Mel Gibson will also be there. He will give the reply to Katie McGrath (Merlin) and Adam Shapiro (Mank).

A three night stay

The series will not adopt a classic broadcast rhythm. For fans, you will have to book three nights at the Continental to see this new production. During these three evenings, spectators will be able to discover episodes directed by Albert Hughes and Charlotte Brandstrom. The series is set to air as early as next year to coincide with the release of John Wick: Chapter Four.

It is much earlier than expected, we do not expect it before 2024. Note that it is on Peacock that American spectators will be able to discover this new production. Reruns of the first three parts will also be on the program. The opportunity for fans to refresh their ideas. Note that we do not yet know where it will be possible to get our hands on The Continental in France, Peacock not yet being available in France.

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