the July program on Disney+

Disney+ is stocking up on cult films and series to chill out this summer. We detail the program.

Every month, Disney+ offers us a slew of new content to devour on the platform. For this first part of the summer, the firm with the big ears reserves us a selection of grand crus to fill the hot days to come. Between classics and novelties of all kindsthere will necessarily be something to capture your attention.


  • Marvel Studios Gathering – July, 1st
  • Princess – July, 1st
  • Pistol – July 6
  • Ghost Whisperer (integral) – July 6

If you could talk to ghosts, what would you say to them? A true cult series broadcast from 2007 on TF1, it features Melinda Gordon, a young woman capable of communicating with spirits. She will then have to put her talents at the service of the dead to help them pass into the afterlife.

  • The Griffins (Season 20) – July 6
  • Bob’s Burger (season 12) – July 13
  • American Horror Story (Seasons 1-9) – July 13

Horror fans will be delighted: Ryan Murphy’s cult anthology is coming to Disney+ with its first 9 seasons. Each of them highlights a different story but offers its share of fright in the company of a 4-star cast. We find there in particular Sarah Paulson or even Lady Gaga and Adam Levine to name a few.

  • Apparently… nothing changes – July 20
  • It was me – July 20
  • wildcrime (season 1) – July 20
  • americancrime (Seasons 1-3) – July 20
  • The crush years (season 1 part 3) – July 20
  • Santa Evita – July 26
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 3) – July 26

East High students prepare for their new musical in the series adapted from the cult Disney Channel Original Movies. After The beauty and the Beast in the previous season, the drama club tackles Snow Queen after the success of the Broadway version of the blockbuster film.

  • Light and Magic – July 26
  • By God’s Command – July 26
  • 9-1-1: Lone Star (season 1 and 2) – July 26


  • A Cure for Life – July, 1st
  • Mickey’s Wonderful Summer (short) – July 8
  • Belle and Sebastian – July 8
  • Belle and Sébastien, the adventure begins – July 8
  • Lining – July 8
  • RTT – July 8
  • Bob’s Burger: The Movie – July 13

Adult animation fans will be happy to experience the first feature film of the anime series Bob’s Burger. Like the usual format of the license, this film will be a comedy recounting the adventures of the Belcher family trying to spend a successful summer for their fast-food restaurant.

  • The Girl Next Door – July 15th
  • 120 beats per minute – July 15th
  • All About Albert – 22nd of July
  • The exception to the rule – 22nd of July
  • NYC: The Last Gangster – 22nd of July
  • The Sinfluencer of Soho – 22nd of July
  • The Lion King – July 26

He’s Simba, he’s the king of the animal kingdom! The little lion cub returns in live-action format in the adaptation produced in 2019. Without being very original, this new version has the merit of bringing a modern look to this true classic of Disney animation. The addition of this film will delight young and old (lacking nostalgia)!


  • Captive Audience – July 6
  • jane – July 15th
  • Aftershock – July 19
  • LA: City of Death – July 19
  • Zodiac: The Call of the Blood – July 20
  • The Bull Shark Invasion – 22nd of July
  • Shark vs Surfer – 22nd of July
  • Sharks and volcanoes, forces of nature – 22nd of July
  • star sharks – 22nd of July
  • Sharks vs Whale – 22nd of July
  • Sharks vs Dolphins – 22nd of July
  • The Lost Treasures of the Valley of the Kings (Season 3) – July 26
  • Treasures under the shit (season 4) – July 26

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