The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been reactivated; dark matter and the Higgs Boson on the program

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which is none other than the largest particle accelerator in the world, has just been reactivated at its maximum power level. Tuesday, July 5, after 4 years of adjustments and corrections, scientists therefore restarted the particle accelerator located near Geneva. The objective is now to bring together protons at a maximum energy level of 13.6 trillion electron-volts (TeV), which may be enough to “observe” new types of particles which until now have not had never before been detected… and go even further in the analysis of the standard model of fundamental particle analysis (“the infinitely small”).

By pushing the limits of this model, scientists hope to provide answers to certain notions which are still very far from having revealed all their secrets, such as dark matter and its fundamental component, the axion (a particle still in the which does not react to light), or even the Higgs Boson, (which was discovered thanks to the LHC) .. which could well also disintegrate into dark matter in the LHC (all this remains for the moment in the state of hypotheses to be verified). The LHC will be active again for 4 years, after which the scientists will put it back on standby for another long session of adjustments and corrections.

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