The Last of Us, a first teaser for the post-apocalyptic series

Two years ago, HBO announced that it was working on a live action adaptation of the famous video game franchise ” The Last of Us “. The channel finally shared a first teaser for the series and the least we can say is that this little appetizer makes you want to discover more.

Immediately in the mood

This very first The Last of Us teaser is only a few seconds long, but the video immediately sets the mood. We immediately understand that the story takes place in a devastated world and that the protagonists will have to fight to survive. The teaser also focuses on Joel and Ellie, the two main characters. As a reminder, the series The Last of Us keeps more or less the same pitch as in the video games: the story follows the journeys of Joel, a hardened survivor, and Ellie, a mysterious young girl, in a world completely ravaged by a zombie outbreak. The two will cross the United States to join a group of survivors.

Pedro Pascal in a new series

The Last of Us is worn by Pedro Pascal who needs no introduction. It must be said that the actor is already famous for his role in The Mandalorian. Here he is back in a new series that seems set to once again boost his popularity on the small screen. Pedro Pascal lends his features to Joel, while Ellie is embodied by Bella Ramsey, who we have already seen in Game of Thrones. A duo that seems to work well if we rely on the scenes revealed in the teaser.

Where are the zombies?

If this first teaser of The Last of Us promises an interesting series, we are still a little disappointed not to see any zombies. Indeed, the awful creatures are absent subscribers, which is a shame, we would not have said no to a small preview. As a reminder, in video games, zombies are humans infected with a mysterious fungus that affects the brain and turns people into completely enraged and truly horrifying-looking undead.

We will have to wait for the next videos to discover the live action versions of The Last of Us zombies! As for the broadcast date, HBO did not give any details on the subject. But if all goes well, the series could well land on HBO Max in 2023. Fingers crossed!

Official teaser The Last Of Us (VO)

Source : Youtube

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