The Last of Us ‘remake’ could be released this year on PlayStation 5

Visibly pulling the fluff with GTA 5 under the title of “recent game most often released without a real valid reason”, The Last of Us is expected to land this year on Playstation 5. And this while no official announcement of its existence has (yet) been made.

Almost a year ago now, within three months, Bloomberg wrote that a “remake” of The Last of Us was in preparation on the Naughty Dog side. Even if the information had not been formalized by Sony or the studio of the original game, it was ready to laugh without further delay. As if a game from 2013 slightly revamped for the year and the next generation is now seen as outdated.

It had been reported that initially, the project had been entrusted to Visual Arts Service Group, a studio which would now only provide support for this “remake”. The development of the latter was reportedly picked up by Naughty Dog after the release of The Last of Us Part II, in June.

The Last of Us PS5 slated for Q2 2022 release

Informant Tom Henderson, who distills his word on the social network Twitter, shared on January 5 a tweet at the very least explicit: an almost confirmation of development and the semi-officialization of an exit window for this heavy project:

“Several people have told me that the TLOU remake is almost finished and could be released in the second half of 2022”.

let’s remember that The Last of Us first appeared in 2013 on a PS3 that it seemed to run like no other game before it. But in view of a close launch with that of the PS4, it was decided to release The Last of Us on the next generation through a remastered version. Six years later, The Last of Us Part II was born on the same PS4. And if this last title did not have the right to its commercial remastering, it is because Sony was stuck in this damn backward compatibility preventing it from putting back on the market titles of the old generation, but with a new label.

Source: Tom Henderson’s Twitter account

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