the last touch of genius from Virgil Abloh

Mercedes has just made public the latest find of Virgil Abloh, recently deceased.

This Monday, everyone in fashion woke up in shock. Virgil Abloh, one of his most famous faces had died from cancer. If the news had been feared by all this small ecosystem for a long time already, the announcement of the death of one of the most charismatic designers of this small universe had the effect of a bomb.

An architect by training, Virgil Abloh had become known for his work at Louis Vuitton. Within the haute couture house, the latter had revolutionized the genre, and completely revived the luxury textile industry. Very close to the music scene, he was particularly close to Kanye West during his career, Virgil Abloh is also at the origin of the off white brand, the latter having become in just a few years an absolute reference in terms of lending. to wear.

But the designer’s talent was not limited to the simple sphere of textiles. He was indeed just as comfortable on other media. He had thus been at the origin of several collaborations with brands of all kinds. So when the announcement fell at the start of the week, Mercedes decided, in tribute to the designer, to present the Maybach project. Certainly one of the last creations of Virgil Alboh.

A last project, radically different

This project was set up in partnership with the German firm as well as Gorden Wagener, responsible for the aesthetics of silver arrows. With this project, Virgil Abloh surprises, once again. The Maybach is thus a fully electric SUV of Dantesque proportions. More than six meters long, built without any respect for the historical rules of the automobile.

With an array of solar panels placed under its transparent cover, the Maybach has considerable autonomy. Inside, it’s a minimalist dashboard, all in an interior designed for driver comfort and with seats embedded in the car’s chassis.

For the moment the car is only a concept, Mercedes has not given any information about it. It can be seen at the Rubell Museum in Miami which already has a large amount of contemporary art.

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