the latest revolutionary electric scooter from BRIGHTWAY

With the release of the NAVEE N65 electric scooter, BRIGHTWAY demonstrates all its expertise in the field of micromobility. The brand brings to the market a scooter with an innovative design, which has everything to appeal to lovers of this mode of transport.


Both practical and comfortable, the tool has been designed to offer a unique mobility experience. The proof with all the special characteristics of this NAVEE N65 made by BRIGHTWAY to discover here.

Ideal autonomy

As practical as electric scooters are, having to recharge them regularly can very quickly become restrictive. An aspect that takes into account the NAVEE N65 with its lithium battery with a capacity of 48V and 12.5Ah. Hold on tight, these high-level features give the scooter a range of up to 65km.

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A performance to which the BRIGHTWAY team combines safety, by integrating a battery management system (BSM). With such a capacity, you will only have to charge your scooter once a week, provided you do less than 10 km per day. Taking this mileage into account, you have enough to do your small errands, go for a walk or get to work.

All this, in a single weekly recharge, without worrying that your scooter will let you go at the worst possible time.

A powerful scooter to transport safely

More than a scooter, it is a real powerful means of transport that BRIGHTWAY brings into the range of electric scooters. Remarkable power, but also a high level of stability that combines a scooter that is yet easy to store.

A high quality engine

The potential of the NAVEE N65 is literally boosted by the super engine it is equipped with. This is a brushless motor rated at 500 watts. A power of this level obviously increases the tilting capacity of the device. The N65 thus has the great advantage of being able to reach an incline of 25% on climbs.

A scooter that knows how to be discreet despite its “generous” tires

The NAVEE N65 is armed with 10 inch tires that allow it to climb easily and achieve that special tilt capacity. A specificity that makes this tool an all-terrain machine while offering a very smooth user experience. Despite these proportions, the N65 is easily transported, thanks to its folding system which meets the EN17128 standard.

The handlebars (made of magnesium alloy) can indeed be folded with the bar. A double rotation that allows you to store or transport your scooter without incident. No compromise therefore to be made on your comfort. The NAVEE N65 perfectly combines power, stability and ingenuity to offer you pleasant driving conditions.

Three speed levels and top-notch braking system

Who says power also says speed of course. And when it comes to speed, the NAVEE N65 has it all. BRIGHTWAY has nevertheless taken care to provide its new scooter with brakes worthy of the name to be able to maintain control in all circumstances.

Adjust speed up to three levels

The N65 electric scooter is equipped with a speed regulator. The first two speed levels make it possible to reach 15 km / h and 25 km / h respectively. As for the 3rd and last level, it allows you to reach a maximum speed of 32 km / h! This scooter is also equipped with an energy recovery system with APP.

Small reminder, however, on regulatory issues. To use it with complete peace of mind, be sure to consult the regulations in force in your region regarding the maximum speeds to be respected.

Powerful brakes for safe driving

Being able to rely on these brakes is arguably one of the main concerns of any driver. And when you have a machine such as the N65 in your hands, it is better to make sure you have the means to be able to control it in all circumstances. A box that perfectly ticks this scooter by integrating as driving assistance, double braking.

This is made up of a rear disc brake as well as an E-ABS brake which reduce the stopping distance. This system is therefore optimal for situations in which emergency braking may be required. Also, to activate these brakes in time, we can also rely on the ultra bright light that the NAVEE N65 has at the front.

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