James Webb Telescope

The launch of the James Webb space telescope is once again postponed to December 24

This is the never-ending story: the NASA has just announced yet another postponement of the launch of its space telescope James Webb. From October, the launch date had already slipped to December 22, but it is not yet quite that since the American space agency specifies that due to a communication problem between the telescope and the vehicle of launch of Ariane 5, the launch cannot take place before December 24 (the info has since also been confirmed by Arianespace).

James Webb Telescope

The JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) is the most powerful space telescope ever. Its resolving power reaches 0.1 arc second in the infrared, allowing it to collect an image nine times faster than Hubble. James Webb carries several state-of-the-art instruments including the NIRCam (near infrared) camera, the MIRI medium infrared spectro-imager, the NIRSpec near infrared multi-object spectrometer and the NIRISS near infrared spectro-imager.

The most powerful space telescope ever sent into space therefore risks crossing the path of the man in red, unless a new postponement takes us this time until 2022. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. A monster of power and precision, James Webb is an absolute technological gem composed of a primary mirror 6.5 meters in diameter structured in 18 hexagonal segments covered with a thin film of gold. NASA says new information about the launch will be released on December 17.

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