the launch of the N64 games went very badly!

Subscribers to the new Nintendo Switch Online formula have a lot of criticism to make about the N64 games emulated by Nintendo.

This October 16, the additional pack to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription was finally launched internationally. It had been unveiled a few weeks earlier, and gives you access to many Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 (N64) games for double the price of the normal subscription. However, the launch did not receive the effect that Nintendo intended, and many gamers have already complained about the quality of the games.

Indeed, on the networks a wave of criticism has surged, questioning in particular the quality of N64 titles. If some expected a proper emulation, it seems that the games are of lower quality compared to their originals. If we take the example of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, not only is the title not faithful in its content but it is not so in terms of graphics either.

We lose the reflections on the water, the fog effect and even some HUDs, such as the mini map at the bottom right of the screen. An aberration for all fans of the license who are numerous to consider that it is one of the best titles Zelda all time. Additionally, on some other games like Mario Kart, many note lags, frame rate issues per second, or applications that crash.

Nintendo’s reaction is long overdue

Obviously, not all games are affected by the many complaints from players, and it looks like Mega Drive titles have been spared. However, many of these optimization concerns are crippling, although they can be resolved quite easily by Nintendo. In addition, the firm has not yet reacted to the comments of the players, but should delay doing so.

How do I subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online add-on pack?

Anyone who would like to try out the new Nintendo Switch Online subscription plan can still subscribe through Nintendo eShop. You will need to count € 39.99 per year for an individual account, and € 69.99 per year for a family account. Only annual plans are available for the moment and Nintendo has not communicated anything on future monthly or quarterly plans.

In addition to access to the Mega Drive and N64 games, this additional pack gives you access to the first paid DLC of Animal Crossing New Horizons, already downloadable, but which will be playable from November 5. This is also available separately for € 24.99.

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